Marius and Kristina

The couple

Marius and Kristina started dancing together back in 2015 in Pforzheim, Germany. Right from the beginning of their partnership, they became one of the most successful and mesmerizing couples in the world. They immediately became German Champions and finalists of every major competition in the world. Since 2020 Marius and Kristina are #1 on the WDSF World Ranking List and continue to dominate the international latin dance scene. In 2021 their hard work payed of winning all three German-, European- & World Championships Latin within just 6 weeks.
In 2017 & 2018 they spent several weeks on Cuba to get to know the origin of latin american dancing. After an highly inspiring trip they wanted to share their experiences and inspiration with dancers all around the world. So they decided to create their showprogramm "Cuba" with which in 2019 they became European Champions Showdance Latin. Click here to experience their journey to Cuba.

Kristina Moshenska

Kristina was born 1990 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In the early age of four years, Kristina started with gymnastics and dancing in her hometown. When she was six years old, Kristina already competed in her first latin tournament.

Representing Ukraine, Russia, Italy and now Germany, Kristina won two world championships in junior and youth age category. She became five times Italian champion and seven times german champion in adult category. She also became five times European champion and five times World champion and winner of multiple Grand Slams in adult category. 

Marius-Andrei Balan

Marius was born 1991 in Timisoara, Romania. He started dancing with seven years. After becoming Romanian champion in junior category he moved to Germany with fifteen where he continued his successful dance career.

Since then he became ten times German champion in adult category, European champion Showdance, two times European champion, two times World champion and winner of multiple Grand Slams al over the world. On this path he met his partner on the dance floor and also in life, Kristina.